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Facebook – What is it?


What is it

This may seem like an out of date question because there are millions who use Facebook each and everyday, but there are also millions who do not currently use Facebook and I want to give them the simple answer to what is Facebook. If you are already familiar with Facebook this post is not for you. Facebook is essentially an up to minute yearbook page that is all about you.

Why would you use it

Facebook is an unbelievable tool – it has a duel purpose; personal use and business use. Let’s get started on the average user; the personal Facebook user.

Your personal Facebook page – To boil it down to the basic’s your page is a perfect place to be able to connect with your friends and family. When you update it your friends can see what you have been up to and are able to “like” and comment on your thoughts, comments and activities. One of the most important points that I need to make when it comes to your personal page; this is not the place that you conduct business. Your personal Facebook page is for your personal life, not your business life. I say this both because Facebook does not allow you to sell off of your personal page but secondly the majority of your friends and family will not be your business customers. They want to be your friends and family.

If you are a business owner or are planning on taking a step into the business world we are going to chat about your business page. This is the perfect place to have a virtual store front. It gives you direct access to those who are interested in what you are offering, they are able to get to know you and what you stand for and you have control over what you post and don’t post; so keep as personally as you want to. I would encourage you to do the majority of your activity on Facebook on your business page if you goal is to use Facebook to communicate with your customers through social media.

Basically – Facebook is an amazing communication tool for the young, wise, tall, short, male, female, no matter who you are you are able to use Facebook as a tool.

How to get started

Facebook is very easy to set up. Go to www.facebook.com and set-up an account, using the prompting.


Like – This button allows you to let people, pages, and business’ that you like what they are saying or a picture they posted.

Privacy – Use the setting that Facebook offers to determine what you would like people to be able to see and not see. If you are very concerned about privacy set the majority of the options to “only me”

Wall – This is the yearbook page – it is a canvas of posts, pictures and activities that you put up on Facebook. You are also able to have people comment on other peoples wall and vice versa.

Messages – If you want to have a personal conversation with a person you can send them a message. This is viewed only by you and the person you sent it to. I personally do not use Facebook messaging as a preferred method of communication because I believe it can be a distraction that makes you feel busy, when you are not accomplishing what I need to be.

Tag – You can use the tag feature to tag your friends and family in posts and pictures. This is a great way to be able to share an image quickly to and ensure the people you want to see it do.


I hope these basic’s help those who were looking just for the basic’s. I want you to be able to have the tools  that you need in order to create your ideal communication methods in your world!

Good luck and I would love to connect with you on Facebook – Here




Yummy Monday – Thai Ribbons

Hey Guys!

It is a pleasure to share this recipe with you today. I hold this one close to the heart; I grew up with my mom making this for us and was always a family favourite. Every time I make these it brings me back to when we used to live on the farm.

I hope you enjoy as much as we do!


Conflicts… They do happen



I remember being a little girl and the worst thing in the world that could happen was CONFLICT. I would do anything that I could think of to avoid conflict. I looked at conflict as a one person must be right and the other wrong and to be on the safe side I would let the other party be right and I would take the wrong card in order to get the conflict to end. I am sure that like me you have also created some very good skills, tactic’s and other resources to minimize the conflict that we are trying so hard to avoid.

Recently I have had a change of heart – I still do not enjoy conflict but when I reflect back on the moments in my life where I had a to make something happen; they all started with a conflict that lit the fire. This is what made me wonder; maybe conflict isn’t bad it is just a little uncomfortable and things that are uncomfortable are not always bad.  So this is my change of heart, I am going to look at the moments when conflict arrises with friends, family, co-workers, strangers and anyone else as a moment where the feel maybe uncomfortable but there could be something amazing on the other side of the conflict if both parties are willing to go through the awkward to get to the awesome.

This is where I am so thankful to be invested in Life Long Learning. If I was not willing to continue learning; I would not of developed the skills to be able to facilitate conflict resolution.

Just like a fire – if it is not contained it will get out of control the same is for conflict.

I encourage you to think of how you could facilitate the conflict to get to a positive – win win outcome next time a conflict arrises. (I would try it on a non vital relationship first) and see how it goes. This is a skill that most people have never even thought about yet alone implemented into their daily lives. For me personally this is a skill I am going to be investing is getting better at because I think there are some beautiful things that come out of the awkward and I don’t want that to be a limiting factor in my life.

Enjoy your day today and tomorrow and the next!



Family – what it is all about


 We have been able to have the most amazing summer; hanging out with friends and family, making new friends, road trips, ice cream dates, boat rides, fishing, reading, laughing and making memories! This has been one of favourite summers because we took the time to figure out what we wanted and then designed our summer to look the way we wanted.
 This word design has been coming up in my language lots lately and ever time I say it I catch myself… We didn’t design everything but we created moments to make memories by design. That is not all we design though; when I started to think about it we put a lot or a little design into a whole bunch of things:
 – moments to make memories
 – finances
 – family of creation
 – lifestyle
 – job enjoyment
 – friendships
 – familyships ( yes, I did just make that word up)
 – time management
 And much much more…. But how much time do we really spend designing these very important areas of life? In my option most people spend more time designing their living room, wedding, baby shower, golf game or anything else we find to spend our time on rather then designing to parts of our lives that truly create the lifestyle we are seeking.
 I have made a choice in my life to live by design rather then chance or whatever word you would use to describe it. I would encourage you to make a choice to how you are going to live your life and embrace it! One or the other is not better they are just different; I am sure happiness lays on both sides of the fence and I trust that you can make a choice.
 Live love laugh ~ till the end of days


Skillet Lasanga


Mexican Chicken and Rice


July Meal Prep

July Nourish MenuCheck Out our July Menu :)

Our next Date is July 19 for Prep Day


Meal Prep Order Form July 2014 Blank



B and J

Recently I was speaking to a group of people about nutrition and as much as I enjoy talking about food there was a moment that stood out. During my presentation I took a moment to share about my families nutrition and a lady in a back pops up and goes… “ohh I know who your family is” and as soon as she said that I popped back going “we have a memorable family” As quickly as that moment passed I have thought of that moment several times since.

The reason that this interaction has been on my mind is – why is our family memorable, isn’t everyones family memorable? Finally I think that I have got it. We love without expectation of love in return…

At the beginning of this post you will see a picture of myself and Justin. This is my favourite image of the two of us – it is a picture that captures the unspoken love between the two of us. Justin has a very unique, one of a kind skill – He is a secret keeper. I have only heard Justin say 2 words in all of the 12 years that he has been in my life. I always tell Nova (my 3 year old) that Justin is the only person in the world that you can tell anything to and trust that he will never tell anyone else. Now that is a skill that is worthy to be treasured in today’s world!

Recently while listening to a podcast they were chatting about the idea of giving gifts and how we show that we love each other in the modern world… As I was listening to them explain how for example at Christmas we buy gifts for those we love and it is a mutual understanding because you also will be getting a gift in return. I found myself thinking of this concept in inregards to Justin and I. I have always looked at his parents as having given me the greatest gift by allowing me to share loving their son with them. I say this not in a mother-in-law or father-in-law kind of way I say this in a way that Justin will forever be a little boy, he will always need care and they gave me the gift of sharing this with them. Then the second greatest gift is Justin – he has blessed me more then I could take a moment to share in this moment (I will share in a later post – one day )

I tell you all of this because the love that is shown in that picture is true – this is not a romantic love, this is a pure unbridled love that so few have ever had the privilege to know.



June Meal Prep!


Hey Guys!

We are getting ready for another round of food prep this weekend :) I am excited to show you the menu that we have put together for you guys.

Enjoy the sneak peak!




Italian Stew

Great to make in bulk